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Islanded operation of wind turbine with solar power and battery storage

juni, 2024
14 11:00-12:00
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Master thesis presentation by Syed Ahsan Iftikhar Bukhari and Aijaz Mal

Date: 14 of June at 11:00
Room: Uno Lamm, 3571

This master's thesis provides a comprehensive investigation into the utilization of wind power in islanded mode along with solar power and battery storage studying different scenarios. The wind speed and solar irradiance data is sourced from the Chalmers research wind turbine site at Björko. The research work employs MATLAB Simulink software to undertake mathematical modelling and simulations, facilitating a detailed examination of system dynamics. The wind turbine and solar panels models are designed using real time data of wind speed and solar irradiance for 24 hours and 1422 seconds.  A battery model is also designed indicating charging and discharging of the battery according to the load requirements. A controller is also designed which makes decisions on the basis of available power source and load to control the islandic operation. Different scenarios under variable load conditions are studied to verify the results. An extensive analysis and performance evaluation under islandic conditions is conducted, considering various factors such as load consumption and power generation from available sources. Upon analysing the simulation results from the wind, solar, battery, and controller models under variable load conditions, the performance outcomes and their accuracy is discussed. The system, designed for islandic operation, demonstrated and ensured the efficient utilization of power from available resources for every instance over a period of 24-hours.

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