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Dynamic FFR from wind power - from simulation to reality

June, 2024
14 10:00-11:00
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Master thesis presentation by Lisa Dacklin

Date: 14 of June at 10:00
Room: Uno Lamm, 3570
The work has been carried out at Svenska Kraftnät

As future forecasts of less inertia in the power system require new types of reserves, dynamic Fast Frequency Response (FFR) is a new suggested ancillary service that is investigated in this project to be provided by wind power. Two different prototypes were developed to test dynamic FFR from wind power, through simulations and practical tests with Chalmers wind turbine at Björkö. Both prototypes work by adding an additional torque contribution, which follows a frequency input signal dynamically, to the electrical reference torque estimated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) controller. Prototype A works by slowing down the effects of the NREL controller, while prototype B tries to estimate an unaffected rotational speed as input to the NREL controller. The overall results indicate that dynamic FFR from wind power looks promising, but specifics on design and technical requirements must be further investigated.

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