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About SWC

The research centre Swedish Wind Centre, SWC, conducts and collects research on wind power to contribute to a robust and sustainable energy system. The wind power industry has grown and developed considerably the last years and will be of further importance for the energy system.

SWC has extensive experience from two previous centers, StandUp for Wind and SWPTC, both active for more than ten years. The two former centers complemented each other in fields of research and cooperated for example by arranging joint conferences. Now, SWC has gathered the activities of the former centers.

Wind power activities that StandUp for Wind used to perform under StandUp for Energy is now under the umbrella of SWC.

We want to make it easy to find facts on wind power for everyone who needs it. Our vision is a robust and sustainable energy system.

Due to the energy transition and electrification, wind power is projected continued considerable growth in Sweden. That implies challenges. One is that companies and authorities need more knowledge and well-educated employees to secure that electricity of wind power can be implemented effectively in the grid. Other challenges are to identify areas where wind power can be built to make use of local wind conditions as effectively as possible.

To contribute, the SWC conducts interdisciplinary research in five research themes about wind power in Nordic conditions.

  • Planning of wind power
  • Siting
  • Turbine
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Electrical System integration

Find out more about our research fields.

The SWC is financed and run by some 20 organizations, including universities, research institutes, wind power producers and a county council. Find out more about membership and our members.

Sjisjka wind farm. Photo: Holger Staffansson, Jämtkraft.